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Cross Promotions Flier

This is our 11th year printing the Cross Promotion flier, and it has been around the world and back. Contact us today to get your message out to festival attendees, even if you're not attending yourself, or sign up to be a distributor at the festivals you are attending.

The Crossbone Network

Distribution of the Cross Promotions flier is done throughout the year starting in the summer at our kick off event in New Hampshire at the Porcupine Freedom Festival. The fliers make it into the hands of event attendees at the week-long festival and then fliers are also distributed in bulk into the hands of those who participate in the network to take home with them for distribution at local events and other upcoming festivals throughout the year. Other events the flier has and will be targeted to again are: Anarchopluco, Mid Fest, Scopupine, MidWest Peace and Liberty Festival, Float Fest, Freedom Fest and NH Liberty Forum.

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Ernest Hancock
Ernest Hancock

Freedoms Phoenix

"Creative marketing solutions I didn't know I wanted and now I won't do without."

Tim Frey
Tim Frey

Roberts And Roberts Brokerage

"Crossbone Promotions helps me take vague concepts, apply their creativity and thoughtful revisions process, and produce effective campaigns"


"I don't know anything about marketing other than I need it. Drew and Davi are always spot-on with creatives, both ad copy and graphics. These guys are worth their weight in gold.

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